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Everything that you need to know is on our website but, we always get all kinds of emails asking questions anyway. We have made this page to help answer some of these questions.

When is the party?

          It is ALWAYS the last FULL weekend of July.

Can I leave and come back?

          As long as you have your arm band on come and go as you please, but please be sober.

What time do the gates open?

          Noon on Thursday and Friday.

Can I get in early?

          Yes, you can get in on Thursday - See Rates.

But I know one of your members-George and he said I could come in early!

          I don't care if you know Jesus Christ personally-No. By the way George and Jesus Christ are not members.

Where can I park my 110' motorhome?

          Anywhere on the designated area for RV's which is to the east of the former party area.

I have parked my RV in the old party area for 100 years. Can't I park there.

          No, the original party area is for Bikes and tents only- after all, it is a Biker party.

Can I reserve a spot for my RV with water and electric?

          There are no reservations, water or electricity. It is a field-Dirt. You'll have to be primative this weekend or bring your own.

My old man is riding the bike and I am driving the RV. Can't we park together?

          Sure you can, but the bike will have to be in the RV area.

I am driving my car and want to camp in the original area. Can I do that?

          Yes, you will need to park in the new part, but can pitch your tent in the original area.

Can I drive into the bike and tent area to drop off my stuff and then move my car to the other area?

          Yes, BUT the car MUST not remain there unless you want it towed out and we will NOT be responsible for damage.

Why can't I bring glass.

          Glass is a problem with bare feet, tires, and a general safety concern.


What If I bring a bottle anyway?

          If I'm at the gate and find it in your cooler, I get a free bottle. If you're caught on the grounds-WELL!!!!!!!!!!! Lets just say you won't keep it and won't be happy.

Can I bring my golf cart?

  Yes, but there is fee to bring in a cart - see the fee schedule

All carts are subject to our inspection. All golf carts must have a dead man switch and if they move after dark they must have permanently mounted lights. Please drive responsibly. Any vehicle moving after dark MUST have permanently mounted headlight and tailight.

Can I bring my Gator or ATV?

          No-golf carts are OK but NO ATVs……………….

I am handicapped. Are there any special provisions for me?

          Yes, you must have handicapped placard and be able to prove that it is yours and not one you borrowed from Grandma. There is a special area close to the vendors and stage with handicap accessible porta pots. Please don't abuse this area by bringing 25 friends that have to camp with you. It is for people who need it.

What time do which bands play?

          Band schedule will be posted on website as soon as it is set.

Where can I get a Motel room?

          The town of Van Wert is about 15 miles away.


Please Visit the Van Wert Convention and Visitors Bureau Website

I would like to park my camper at a real campground. Is there one close?

          There is a real nice one just down the road called Bluewater. There phone number is 419-587-3186. Call quickly-they fill up fast. There are other ones a little further away. Please consult your campground directory.

Can I build a campfire?

          Yes, but be responsible about it. If you are coming from one of the many counties that are restricted from firewood leaving the county due to insects please don't do it. We don't need those bugs in this county either. If busted by the DNR you will be very unhappy.

I would like to rent a tent. How do I do that.

          We have designated tent vendors that are willing to work that out with you. You will deal with them directly. Please call Reliable Rentals at 877-925-8368 to make those arrangements

I have my own tent larger than 20X20. Can I set it up?

          Yes-for a fee. Please call 419-587-3826 to make these arrangements. If no answer please leave message.

I am a Food or Tatoo vendor- What arrangements do I need to make?

          Complete information for all vendors can be found by clicking the Vendors link on our Homepage.

I am a goods vendor- What arrangements do I need to make.

          Click the Vendors link on our Homepage.

I am from another state. Will my vendors license do from my state?

          Click the Vendors link on our Homepage.

I don't have a picture ID, but I am old enough. Can I get in?

          No. There is no excuse for no ID. If you go to the licence bureau they will make you an ID without it being a drivers license.

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